Gogo 5G

Gogo will soon launch a true 5G network. When bonded to our existing 4G network, it will enable aviation's most powerful and capable broadband network across the U.S. and Canada. Buckle up, because this is going to be a big breakthrough in inflight internet.

And you can get on board today with Gogo AVANCE L5.

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Let a Gogo consultant personally show you how to connect your aircraft with 4G today and 5G when it launches. Just tell us a little bit about yourself and your aircraft.

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Gogo 5G + AVANCE L5

Together, Gogo 5G and the AVANCE L5 system not only bond our 4G and 5G networks, they give you 5 big benefits no other connectivity solution can match.

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a graphic showing benefits of the gogo 5G network
a smartphone connected to the Gogo 5G network on a business aircraft

This is TRUE 5G. And we can prove it.

Only Gogo 5G checks all the requirements to be called a true 5G network. Check out this infographic so you'll be able to spot, and avoid, "pretend 5G".

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You'll need an Gogo AVANCE L5 platform system to add 5G next year. So why wait? With AVANCE L5 you'll be able to fly with Gogo 4G connectivity today and be provisioned for 5G when it launches.

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Spotlight on support: FSEs take service to its highest level

Gogo support is a key aspect of the "Power of 5". And key to your support is the highly-skilled, hands-on Gogo Field Support Engineering team. Watch this video to learn how they're ready for you, wherever and whenever you need them.

Guides: A closer look at 5G

Take the first step towards the future of inflight Wi-Fi. Get our exclusive Gogo 5G eBook and then read the Gogo case study by our partner Cisco.

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